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Room Acoustic Simulations for Perceptually Realistic Uses in Real-Time Immersive and Navigation Experiences (RASPUTIN)

Funded by ANR The project RASPUTIN (ANR-18-CE38-0004) was selected by the Agence National de Recherche for funding in 2018 under the Axis « La Révolution numérique : rapport au savoir et à la culture » (The digital revolution: relationship to knowledge and culture), a transveral axis between « Société de l'information et de la communication » (Information and Communication Society) and « Sociétés innovantes, intégrantes et adaptatives » (Innovative, integrative and adaptive societies).

Additional funding had been provided by the region Île de France through the Innov'up support framework. Funded by Ile de France

RASPUTIN is a fundamental collaborative research project at the intersection of Digital Science and Technology and Psychology, aiming at reducing the cognitive complexity of navigation by the visually impaired in new interior surroundings through digital simulations and virtual auditory reality explorations as preparation and mental map construction exercises. The objective promotes accessibility to information by all and from anywhere.

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Collaborations / Partners

In the course of development of the RASPUTIN project, carried out in close collaboration with the user community, we are working with several associations which provide advice, assistance in forming user groups, and coordinating evaluations.

We are privileged to have the support of a number of publicly accessible sites for carrying out evaluations. These sites are also actively involved in promoting accessibility, contributing insight, experience, as well as access to the different locations for both real and virtual testing.


List of publications resulting from the RASPUTIN project via

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